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Installing ubuntu-linux

Linux is a free open source operating system used for computers, servers, mainframes, mobile devices and embedded devices. It is one of the most widely supported operating systems. With Linux, bring your old laptops and desktops back to life.

Cisco routing & Switching

Cisco enjoys a reputation as one of the top companies in the world. Since its beginning as a small startup in 1984, Cisco has grown to be a recognized worldwide leader in networking. We own our own test lab environment to effectively provide service to our customers.

mobile phone repair

With hundreds of different models of mobile phones, we repair just about any model you bring to the table. To top that, we repair just about anything you need such as: firmware, screens, buttons, cables, etc.

Blown out laptop speaker

This customer reported a burning smell and shortly after, they realized that the left speaker was M.I.A.. We were able to dive in and replace this speaker in 15 minutes in a parking lot convenient for the customer.

Nintendo wii

This original model Nintendo Wii featured graphic issues. After a good hardware tune up, we were able to get it back on the road for our customer.

S2S vpn diagnostics

VPN's require two devices to create a virtual private network, allowing traffic to pass seamlessly through the internet while be encrypted. With many issues that may arise, our tools perform extensive testing to ensure you're getting the most out of your VPN.

Playstation 4

A few months ago, our area had a county wide electrical outage during the night. During this time, multiple PS4's experienced a firmware crash. We were able to bring all of the PS4's back to life, saving our customers hundreds of dollars.

Server management

What is server management? It is the process of monitoring and maintaining servers to operate at peak performance. Server management also encompasses the management of hardware, software, security, and backups.

backup & restore

Is your home / business prepared in case of a catastrophe? We are masters in storing your data in a way that can be easily resumed in case if there was a data loss incident.

hard drive replacement

Have you ever heard a clicking noise inside of your computer? Does it last for about 20 seconds and a message follows on your screen saying it cannot boot? You probably have a failing hard drive.

simple data recovery

If your computer is toast and just need your data, we can get it for you! With multiple software and hardware tools, we can even recover a file that had been deleted.

Power supply unit

Your PSU needs maintenance too! These things get dusty and could become a risk! You can blow some canned air into the vents of your PSU to get out any dust that may cause it to overheat.


Sometimes oxidation occurs within the connectors and the slots of your computer causing numerous issues. This all-in-one HP computer needed a RAM Re-Seat. This allows a new solid connection between the memory and the slot.