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When applying for a quote, be as detailed as possible. This information will be used to carefully estimate your quote and the eligibility for your repair.  After you submit your quote, it can take up to 48 business hours to receive your quote. We will inform you of the costs and if your device was approved for repair. A denial for a repair follows on devices that are valued under the repair costs or for foreign devices. Our repairs blanket almost all personal, home devices and issues. Following our visit, your devices will be back in your hands,  completely restored and working flawlessly. We never attempt to fix a anything we are not capable of fixing. With that, we have never had an unsatisfied customer because we only accept what we can handle.



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Quote Structure

Our quotes are built on several factors:

  • Services & Rates
  • Travel Fees
  • Replacement Software / Hardware
  • Discounts

Complete Overview

Service & Rates
Different issues add to the puzzle. There is an hourly rate charged based on the type of repair being made. This rate can range from $30 to $60 an hour depending on the complexity of the repair. This indeed means that you could receive a repair for only $30. Following the rate, of course is the time factor. Within your quote, we can estimate the duration of the repair. Normal repairs take between 1 and 3 hours. The time of work begins when the work begins. In the case that the repair takes less than 1 complete hour of labor, labor will be rounded up to a minimum of 1 hour.

Travel Fees
A bulky, heavy computer means onsite work may be more beneficial. There is a minimum $10 travel fee for any repairs done not at our office. Travel outside of 30 miles includes a rate based on MPG. Our team can pick up and drop off- making a two round trips, returning two fees, and two rates.

Your screen busted or your hard drive failed. Replacing hardware and software is simple for our us. However, these new additions come with a price. There is no additional charge that follows the purchase of the necessary hardware / software. Of course, tax and shipping can be factored in.

If you are in the military, we will grant you a 10% discount. If you are elderly, which according to the Social Security Administration (SSA), the age they consider "elderly" is 65+, we will grant you a 10% discount. Prove of age or military service is required.