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IT Experience For Years

My name is Kory Haas, I am the owner of Haas Computer Services. Since 2009, my ambition has driven me to work for schools, factories, retail, and online services, all of the which I have provided my complete IT skills. I worked for the Saint Joseph County School District, where I traveled to many different schools providing care to the networks, computers, students, and staff. I loved this job most because not only did I get to work on their computers, but I got to interact with the people. In factories, I have operated machines that need to communicate in order to function properly, sometimes they needed to be repaired. In retail, I created a private network to help administer costs and food safety. I have used YouTube and Google to help teach those who have dreamed of programming. The tutorials and courses I gave were always free to everyone, using advertisement and donations, I was able to make a small profit to keep the services available to everyone. I started off young with a curiosity about how computers tick. The boy I was started with programming which later evolved into so much more. Family and friends tell me this is a hobby for me which is easy to see as a truth. I love what I do, and I hope I can provide services to help you.


Currently, Haas Computer Services is a individual entrepreneurship and I make all repairs for the customers.


Currently, I am working towards my Master's in Networking Infrastructure and Telecommunications while picking up multiple certifications along the way. I hold a degree in Networking currently with multiple certifications from  CompTIA, TestOUT, Microsoft, Alison, and the Department of Education. Everyday is progress towards another certification in the IT field.


  • We provide a 10.00% discount to all elderly and veterans. (Verification is required.)
  • Receive a nice 10.00% off on your second repair or a 15.00% discount if you have one of our business cards for your first repair.


  • We have created programs to prevent errors when staff and students are working on their computers. (Free of charge)
  • We created a share drive for Subways in which files, big data, and other information was able to be shared among stores and employees. This provided live schedules to employees, live contact lists, and other staff information.
  • Some customers have received larger discounts due to affordability and financial struggle. We treat all customers the same. One specific customer had a budget and we noticed network issues on her LAN. We resolved these issues without any additional charge. The customer we served also took care of the local community and we were glad we were able to provide back to her.
  • Freeware. For years we have produced programs for anyone and everyone, entirely free.

Kory Haas