Remote Repairs

Repairs At A Distance

 "I began as a programmer, but that spread to so much more- helping anyone and everyone- one computer at a time."

- Kory Haas

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Rather than driving or having us drive to your house, you can download a tool to allow us virtual access to your computer. We will then be able to establish a link in which we can restore your computer's health.

How does it work?

We utilize a powerful tool called TeamViewer to perform all remote repairs. We cannot access your computer without your permission or control. We would require you to download and install a piece of software.

What is a remote repair?
Is it hard to do?

If you know the basics on downloading files and running a simple installation, then this should be no problem. However, if you fear downloading files, this is not for you. You may want to then see our regular servicing.

Price difference?

There is no direct pricing difference. This eliminates any means of transportation. However, if you have a slow internet connection, then that could prolong servicing time. 

Internet Speed



0.25 MB/s

250 KB/s

Test your internet speed first...

This is the easiest. Visit and click GO to begin. Once the test has finished, record the UP and DOWN speed.

TeamViewer recommends that your UP and DOWN speed should be at least 50 KB/s. However, we recommend at least 1 MB/s down and 250 KB/s down. Check out the conversion chart if you are having troubles.

Recommended Speed Chart


1 MB/s

1,000 KB/s

Submit Quote

Now please submit a quote! This will help us evaluate the issue and determine any issues that may occur. Some repairs are required to be done in person.

Ready, Set...


Launch the file that you downloaded by double-clicking it. Proceed through all of the screens except for the screen that asks "How do you want to use TeamViewer?". Make sure you click "Personal / Non-Commercial use".

Download Teamviewer

If you already received your quote, or want to get a step ahead of the game, go ahead and download TeamViewer from . You will be looking for a button that says "Download" or "Download for Free".

Giving Control

Navigate your way to the Remote Control page where it displays a ID and Password. You will then need to refer this information to the technician that is helping you.