Haas Computer Services


repairs and tuning

Hardware Repair

Any hardware that needs replaced or fixed such as fans, memory, storage, etc.

Reset Computer

Resetting your machine with our flash tool is a simple process. Ask to include tuning and optimization to max performance. We can also help you keep documents and media.

Software Fix

Resetting your computer is a cheap and easy way to avoid spending a lot of time fixing an error or blue screen of death (BSOD). However, if you have important applications and media that you wish to not disturb, this is perfect.

  • Replacing CMOS
  • Installing RAM, Optical Drives, PSU, NIC
  • Upgrading Storage w/ Data
  • Other Upgrades
File Recovery
Windows Password Reset
Tuning & Optimization

Our services are competitive as we offer the highest quality and best care. Consult with our licensed professionals to see what we can do for you today.

Hardware Cleaning

My experience

With computer repair companies

My second job was working for a subway franchise. I started off making minimum wage, working full-time while attending high school. I was 16 years old (see picture). I was still a computer nerd despite working fast food. Subway was just around the block from the local computer shop. My mother's computer and my laptop both needed Windows re-installed, so I figured this would be a cheap service to have done and would save me some time from my busy schedule. I brought both our computers to this company which serviced them for $180.00 EACH! They didn't tell me that prior to work they did. With the hard-earned money I had saved up, I had to pay a hefty price for something I could have done myself. This is my testimony of why you will find my prices unbeatable. Because I understand how hard we all work to make a dime, and I understand what it is like to be a part of the lower class. Please allow me to show you what good computer service is like.