Our Services

We provide the most affordable quotes for getting the best care for your personal computer, devices, and home network. Local drop off, pick up, and on-site work is available to all customers.

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Affordable Quotes & Rates, At Your Location & Time

Home Smart Devices

A lot of the time, finding a little help to fix your smart phone or tv is not a bad idea. We are here to not only show a customer what the problem is, but show them how to fix it in case it occurs again.

Computer Repair

Repairing computers is our specialty. We take our utmost care when handling your devices. We treat them as if they are our own and will always do our best to accomplish what customers ask of us.

Home Network

Home networks can be frustrating, especially when you are not very familiar with the infrastructure. With years of experience, we tackle connection, network, and group issues.


We offer many different programs for anyone and everyone to download. These programs can be downloaded entirely free. Whether you are needing repairs, security improvement, or just a tool to play around with, our software is available for free use. You can look into our software here.

We also host tutorials on computer programming for Visual Basic (VB.NET), C#, and other Visual Studio solutions. You can find tutorials here.

For a list of sample codes for Visual Basic and some C#, you can visit my Pastebin profile here.

We do accept requests for software development and tutorials, as we like a challenge.

Our Most Compelling Features

The local help that you need

Computer repairs are often done at a shop and can cost a lot of money. What makes us different is that you have so many options on when, where, and how you get your device repaired. You can get your devices repaired in your own home, picked up and dropped off from your home, or you can drop them off / pick them up!

Computer drop off / pickup / on-site work is available for: Bronston, Somerset, Whitley City, Burnside, Albany, Science Hill, or any other location within 30 miles of Monticello.

(Locations further than 30 miles carry a higher rate)

Value of our services

All repairs are different and so are we compared to other repair shops. We charge you for what we do and nothing more. Repair shops are known to over charge their customers and add service time. We provide resolutions and post-instruction. Curious to what you might pay, see our standard pricing here.

Compared to computer shops, we will always sell you the lower quote. You can apply for a free quote here.

Trustworthy technicians

Your computer, network, and devices are all handled by a licensed, certified professional that can be recognized by Microsoft, CompTIA, and Testout.

It is important to know the background of the technician managing your computer and everyone on our team is highly qualified. Shops can have inexperienced or non-qualified employees. Our team is proud to validate through certification and professional licensing available to our customers at any request.

NEW! Free iPhone Repairs

For years we have neglected servicing iPhones. We are now training ourselves to offer this service. For the time being, our labor costs will be diminished. We are still equipping our inventory of tools and parts. This means you will be billed only for the parts and tools. Some repairs being offered:

  • Screen
  • Battery
  • Home Button
  • Speaker

There is a zero guarantee policy at this time for any iPhone repairs being made.

  • Camera
  • Side Buttons
  • Microphone