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Streamline ALL Support Requests

A open source solution

What is osTicket?

osTicket provides a reliable solution for managing requests for departments such as your I.T. or maintenance department. Using osTicket, you will be able to monitor productivity, demands, and activity of each of your departments.


Anyone connected to your facility network will be able to access your new ticket system within their web browser. Tickets can be submitted from handheld devices, computers, and email.

Your Dashboard.

Your dashboard inhibits you to run reports and view everyday productivity. Want to see which employee has overachieved for the month of June? A report shows this in seconds. The admin dashboard is very user friendly and only takes a little experience to master, as well as your client's dashboard.

Customization, Templates, & MORE

Open source solutions are typically free and have been developed by a community of programmers. The features hit the sky with osTicket. You can customize almost anything. osTicket is still in production which means that if a feature doesn't exist now, it may eventually.

With osTicket, you will be able to:-Reply to clients' tickets with the ability of using templates.
-Demonstrate productivity.
-Establish a knowledge base.
-Keep log of recurring issues.
-Provide a better means of support to your company.


osTicket is a enterprise software which would be hosted on your premises. This means you will not have reoccurring fees. Essentially, the costs are between the hardware required and the installation of osTicket. Software training is optional. You do not have to pay for the software. If you already have a server, or a designated, well-qualified Windows 10 machine, osTicket can be installed without the purchasing of new hardware.

Installation Costs (Required):
There is an hourly rate that is calculated when you submit a quote that is based off the size, location, and network complexity of your enterprise. There is a deposit of a minimum of $60.00. Installation costs can range from $480.00 to $1000.00.

Hardware Requirements (Customer Dependent):

      To opt out of hardware purchase, you must of the equivalent hardware or greater.

-500 GB Storage
-Core i5 equivalent or higher
-Windows Server 2016 or Windows 10

On-Site Training:
Training is available for your staff, admins, and technicians which is calculated by the same rate used for the installation. Staff and Admin training sessions are one hour for 3 or less employees each. Your staff will learn how to manage their tickets, create departments, operate the admin panel, submit tickets, and utilize functionality of the entire system.

     All Technical training (to learn how to perform updates, perform backups, access SQL, and etc.) is one on one for approximately one hour following their admin training.

osTicket Maintenance:
If you find that your system needs maintenance after the installation, we can service your system for a discounted rate. All you will need to do is a submit a quote request.

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