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iPhone 6S Space Gray - Unlocked (Refurbished)
  • This iPhone 6S features a brand new screen and hardware cleanup. This phone will feel like new. Starting price is $140.00. This phone sells between $100-$150 for like-new condition.
  • Ask me any questions.
  • Haas Computers has completely refurbished this iPhone 12/23. There is no warranty.
iPhone SE, Rose Gold, 16 GB, New Screen / Home Button
  • This iPhone SE features a new black home button and black screen. This phone is currently locked to tracfone/straight talk.
  • Disclaimer: This iPhone cannot be unlocked at this time to another carrier, so if you have anything other than tracfone or straight talk, this phone is not for you.
  • Haas Computers has completely refurbished this iPhone 12/29. There is no warranty.
  • Market currently lists this phone between $95-$159.00 depending on the condition.
  • The phone is in great condition. I will not be doing any trades.
  • Price is negotiable if you pick it up.

Dell PowerEdge 1950 - Windows Server 2012

This Dell Server is perfect for first timers, minor applications, test environments, labs, etc. I would not recommend for full production unless you use RAID or a backup utility.

-Intel Xeon CPU 4 Core @ 2.00 GHz
-Brand new raid controller
-About 750 GB of storage (3 HDD 7200 RPM)
-4 Removable Bays
-2 functional power supplies
-Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Desktop Activated

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